Episode 06. The Confessional



In this episode, our heroes rescue a girl, and we see a whole new side of the Professional. One I hope we never. see. again…… ~Bubba


The link in this post should allow listening on your browser, for those that are not able to use one of our podcast providers. I will try to post one of these on release day from here on out. Thanks for your patience, and the invoice is in the mail.

New episodes are live!!

Hey guys. Thanks for being patient with us. Your lovable halfwit (who is also the damned editor) screwed up the audio. Not once, but twice this episode.


Regardless, here it is. On time. ~Bubba


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Bubba here. I am proud to announce that instead of one episode this Sunday, you will be getting a 3 pack. That’s right. 3 full episodes for the price of 1!! We accept all forms of payment for these. Be it heirloom swords, old rugs, or hell, we might even be willing to take custody of a kid or two! That’s it for now guys. Hope like hell ya’ll enjoy it as much as we are making it! ~Bubba