About Us

This is the website for a Dungeons & Dragons 5e actual play podcast. We are currently running through the Curse Of Strahd campaign, so if you’re not into spoilers or have plans to play this, then you might want to skip this particular adventure. For everyone else, get ready for some fun!

A little about us.

I’m Bubba, and I’ll be playing Ragnic the Bold. A half orc who has a heart of gold, and a really shitty Russian accent.

Then we have Deece, he’s the artist responsible for the artwork found on the page, and also plays Kaeviir the professional. A human whose thirst for knowledge is only outdone by his love of snark (you can find his work at 1d4rounds.com).

There’s Raechel, who is playing the plucky wood Elf Adrie whose spirit shines bright even in the darkness of Barovia!

Jake is bringing life to Chunakote, the man of nature whose love of wolves is slightly unnerving (not as bad as Ragnic’s love of goats, but hey). While a peaceful man at heart, I think he may have an anger management problem.

And last but not least is the man that was dumb enough to agree to DM, DWalk. He has done a wonderful job of bringing the land to life, and keeping up with our shenanigans, of which there are plenty!

For those of you that made it this far, thank you. Hope you guys enjoy the show, and I’m looking forward to interacting with ya’ll as we move along!!